Life Coaching with Di Farrell
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My Mission Statement
My wishes are that through my work others would be able to search for and find their sacred inner-selves, align their life with their conscious beliefs and desires, and live harmonious joyful lives!
Life Alignment with Di Are you looking for a way to get in touch with who you really are, and what YOU want in life?
Soul Coaching offers a 28 day program for those looking for a road map for their lives so they can live a life in accordance with their deepest wishes and dreams, their authentic self.
Perhaps you feel blocked and cant see a way to move forward? Or it could be that you feel something is missing from your life? Maybe you are making a decision and not sure which direction will be the right one for you. Or your life feels more complicated than it needs to be?
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What is a Past Life Regression?
A journey you undertake with the assistance of a skilled practitioner
to some earlier point in time to visit memories of previous lifetimes
you may have lived on this earth plane.
A regression increases your understanding of this present lifetime.
Each of our lives is a learning experience, and if we can gain the learning from past lifetimes, we can affect our current lifetime in positive ways.
People from past life times can be recognised as people in this current lifetime. Greater understanding of that relationship can be gained.
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Life Alignment with Di
Life Alignment with Di Angel Practitioner
(certified by Doreen Virtue)

- Angel Card Readings
- Blessings and Healings
- Cord Cutting (from unhealthy emotional ties with specific person/s)
- Asking for Guidance from the Angels
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Let Psych-K change the printout of your life for you!
Subconscious beliefs and thoughts can sabotage our lives.
Many of these subconscious beliefs are imprinted in our minds
before the age of 7! Some of these beliefs do not serve us in our adult lives, and block our way forward.
Let me help you identify these blocks and do a Psych-K balance
to imprint a new belief - as you want your life to look!
When you see what you dont want in your life - you can move to what you do want!
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Life Alignment with Di
Life Alignment with Di Other services I offer:

- House/Home Clearing of negative energies.
- Chakra Clearing to clear the energy centres of your body.
- Soul Journeys to take you to a place of deeper understanding of yourself and your life.
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