Addiction Awareness and Intention 1111 with Paul Smit
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Addiction Awareness and Intention 1111 with Paul Smit


Learn How You Can Work with One


International Author and Speaker Paul Smit helps individuals and families to thrive in todays world.

On this page you will find links to:

  • programs and training for personal and family growth
  • programs and training for individuals and families at risk
  • a ton of inspirational guidance designed to lift you up no matter what your walk of life is!

Paul Smit, Author and Speaker for “One” and I am so glad you could meet me here! I would love to be able to show you how you can live a full, purposeful life by becoming aligned to your own Core.

What I Iove most about being a Teacher is being able to see the transformation in a person when they finally embrace their own uniqueness. The Core Intention Living™ Paradigm that I created has been so well received because it intuitively uses your own values, giving you the life skills you need to master the Universal Laws in every area of life. Adriana and I are privileged to share these teachings with you.

Wether you want this to create mastery for yourself, your most meaningful connections, you are one choice away from beginning a new path. I invite you to get started by clicking HERE for a FREE Life Assessment which helps you find out where you are at so you can find your spark once more!

"YOU are LOVE, and YOU could never separate from that which you are. YOU CAN however, disconnect yourself from YOUR LOVE (that which you are) by giving thought to what you are not." - One

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