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More to Life
More to Life
About More To Life
Whether we realise it or not, each of us is part of a social network without limits. We affect others in our families, our neighbourhoods, and our workplace. Many of us have roles that constantly put us in touch with others. And the impact we have on them affects the way they influence the people in their own lives.

The More To Life Programme exists to help you access your best personal qualities on a daily basis: to be more authentic, caring and real, to share and express yourself more fully, and partner more creatively. Above all, it helps you respond to the challenges that confront you in a way that really makes a difference, instead of repeating the automatic behaviour you have come up with so many times in the past.

Its goal is to contribute to the transformation of the world around us, one person at a time, and its process tools are designed to be used by you, in your own life, in any way you want to apply them. Process tools cannot change the world. But people, living their lives at their creative best, can and do.
More to Life
The More To Life Weekend
The More To Life Weekend teaches you how to discern the hidden potential of everyday situations, and shows you how to keep on doing this for yourself after the course is over. Participants describe the weekend as a uniquely powerful, life-transforming experience.

You discover how to connect with your deepest purposes and your highest vision. You unhook yourself from old fears and defensive patterns. And you open yourself to the kind of unforeseeable creative possibilities that present themselves to us only when we are truly free from expectations.

You also learn to forgive yourself and others, access your compassion and your love, share your passion and your innermost feelings, and partner more deeply.

You create your life as you want it to be, instead of focusing on how it should be. You become more of the person you really are, rather than the one you have struggled to become, or tried to prove you are not.
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More to Life