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Energy and Spiritual Healing with Jenny Hart

Jenny Hart Spiritual Healing
Touching the Divine within.
Jenny Hart of Sacred Hart Healing
I have been on the search for my truth for many years and especially after my world was turned upside down after a car accident when I was 26 years old. The path back to health and understanding my body and its intelligence led me to do many spiritual courses looking for answers and seeking a more Holistic recovery.

As we are all changing and evolving as a planet and as a species, it is most important to get in touch with our divine nature as Spiritual beings. We need to live with abundance and prosperity, not in lack and fear - there is enough for all. It helps to understand our Emotional intelligence and understand the buttons that are being pushed when "bad" events happen and why we react with anger or pain. How do we connect with and use our intuition and spiritual intelligence?

My life is work in progress too and I am learning, growing and walking my path. During 2015, I spent a year travelling and being out of my comfort zone. I had to draw on my intuition and guidance to plan and live my chosen path. I had to believe in myself, choose the places I wanted to visit and then walk my talk. In life all we can be is an example and live by the values and lessons and experiences that we have learnt.

So now I can share and give back and teach some of these lessons that I have learnt. I do personal sessions with clients and run workshops from home and will travel to other locations when my work requires that. I enjoy taking people to special locations to learn and experience different energy, different countries and learn more about themselves. I am passionate about getting people to understand the Spiritual Laws of the Universe, to understand their strengths and weaknesses that they have been given for this lifetime.

My 2016 vision is to train more people to use the Thetahealing technique and to do self-development courses and teach the Spiritual laws. Manifesting and Abundance helps us to set the intentions for improving our lives. The more people we can have living in Love and Peace rather than Fear and lack would change the resonance of our Planet. I work for the highest good of all and to harm no one. I am working towards a vision that shows respect for our Earth, and all the animals and people who live on her. Please contact me for a personal session or to attend a workshop. I practice from home in Somerset West in the Cape.

I am passionate about helping people to live the best life for them
according to their talents and gifts.
Be TRUE to yourself always.

Workshops: Beginners: Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Mental awareness.
Intermediate: Spiritual Laws of the Universe. Living your life with a Purpose.
Thetahealing: Basic and Advanced & Manifesting and abundance.
Labyrinth walks and Talks and Spiritual Tours.

Jenny is willing to help you with:
Limiting beliefs
Understanding life cycles
Believing in your true divinity!

Contact Jenny:
RSA +27 (0) 82 890 8789

Jenny Hart

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