TRE Tension and Trauma Release
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Trauma Release with Su Thomas

TRE for Africa

TRE is a simple and quick set of movements that turn on our bodys natural rebalancing process, providing an immediate experience of relaxation. By releasing everything from everyday stress to deeply held physical tension and trauma, TRE frees us up to meet lifes challenges with greater skill and ease. Best of all, our bodies do the work; we often get relief without needing to process or retell our story.

TRE is extremely effective as a stand-alone practice, and it deepens all other stress-relief practices such as mindfulness, yoga, and meditation.

TRE FOR AFRICA FOUNDATION was established in 2015 by a group of TRE Certification Trainers in South Africa in an effort to share this valuable tool with the peoples of South Africa and throughout the African continent.

South Africa is on the forefront of development in global TRE. It was the first country to successfully implement a national TRE Certification track for Providers in 2011 and since then, South Africa has accomplished sustained growth in TRE Provider training and has substantially increased public awareness.

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