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Allan Wohrnitz - e-Health

e-health with Allan Wohrnitz

e-Health, a new concept in nutrition, was founded by Allan Wohrnitz. Allan has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Natal, Durban. Allan has always had an interest in studying and the humanities, and has pursued these interests as a part time activity until now. With e-Health, he has been able to delve into the area of health and nutrition, and bring about greater awareness to this area, reviving information that has been available for decades, but which has been gradually suppressed, and is now not generally known to the man on the street.

How did you get involved in the area of nutrition, seeing that you were trained as an Engineer?

My interest came about when my son was ill (asthma and chest infections). It appeared that only option open to us was to take him to the doctor each time. The symptoms were being treated with drugs (expectorants, antibiotics, nebulising). No logical answers were available as to the true cause of the illnesses. This was when I started researching and questioning to find the cause of illness and what the workable natural remedies might be. I am not in favor of drugs, and had to find an effective alternative.

Why did you opt for nutrition, why not some other alternative practice?

Nutrition is defined as the study of building and maintaining health and preventing illness. Based on this definition, it was clear that a knowledge of nutrition and its basics was the key to ones health and it proved to be exactly the case. In applying the basics of nutrition on my son, he no longer suffered the symptoms. Indications of the illness were met with an immediate increase in foods, vitamins and minerals to prevent the illness reaching alarming levels. I applied my knowledge to my wife who suffered a few migraines and regular arthritis. Both were resolved with proper nutrition, not drugs. I mentioned these positive results to friends and family, and every single one of them had an ailment to be resolved. The research continued extensively, along with suggested nutrition advice. I have experienced success after success, with an abundance of testimonials sent in by people who have improved their nutrition and thus their health and well being.

Do people actually want such a service?

e-Health was formed to make the data known broadly. The suggested recommendations are personalised, and the data published broadly to make others aware that the handling for restoring health and recovery from illness is through nutrition, not drugs. I have found that the vast majority are not in favor of drugs. We know drugs are harmful, being legal does not make them less lethal. Knowing this, more and more people are seeking alternatives, not only to improving health, but also for solutions to getting off drugs and treating ailments naturally. I maintain a personal touch, researching each case and making recommendations based on what the situation is. I do follow ups to ensure that the person is doing what he is supposed to and to assist if he is encountering any problems.

I believe you have written a number of articles. How do you make these known to people?

With each topic researched, I have written articles, based on the publics needs. I have published these widely, so that others can receive the benefits of the knowledge I have uncovered. Some of these articles have been published in local newspapers, but I have also made them available to many people via e-mail. All articles written thus far are available on in the Article section.

Any other services you provide? What are you working on next?

I do talks on the subjects Ive researched, and this is usually due to public demand. I am currently researching cancer, one of the biggest misunderstood subjects of the 21st century. Im collecting data from numerous sources, and investigating the different natural remedies to treat and cure cancer. I will be having talks on the basics of cancer, remedies/ treatments and preventative nutrition. Dates and venues will be advised in "Whats Happening".

Allan has been appointed as the Natal agent for Sunshine Vitamins (a Johannesburg based company) who manufacture a range of vitamins and minerals. This he does to fund his activities, continue the research and to make the data available at all times. Trade enquiries are welcome

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Contact Details

NAME: Allan Wohrnitz
Cell: 073-314 9545