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Art of Living Course


Art of Living Course with Latha Ramkisson


The Art of Living Part 1 Course empowers participants with effective, practical tools to manage negative emotions and stress.

Stress results from the demands of everyday life. Stress leads to the host of negative emotions and impacts on the quality of our lives. However, we have rarely been taught techniques on how to manage our mind and negative emotions.

The Art of Living Part 1 Course incorporates simple yet powerful techniques that eliminate physical and emotional stresses. These easy to practise techniques, use the best of ancient wisdom, applied to modern life.

The techniques taught allow the mind to be free from the negative emotions of the past (guilt, anger and regret) and free from the negative emotions of the future (fear and anxiety), naturally allowing the mind to be in the present moment. When the mind is in the present, it is by nature calm, resulting in clarity of thought.

This innovative, experiential, dynamic course includes the unique Sudarshan Kriya technique, with documented benefits validated by modern medical science.

Through specific rhythms of the breath, Sudarshan Kriya floods our system with cleansing, life-supporting energy (prana or chi), and restores harmony. It is known to have beneficial effects on the physiology, nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

Developed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and enjoyed by people of all backgrounds, cultures and traditions in more than 150 countries. These practices do not conflict with any religious or spiritual practices - rather, it enhances both by allowing participants to experience a calm, peaceful mind.

You will learn a take-home practice of Sudarshan Kriya along with other breathing techniques, light stretching, and knowledge on the working laws of the mind and body. This practise provides a natural, quick, non-evasive method of stress release, leaving you energised and peaceful.

Course elements include:

-Practical and applicable knowledge to deal with daily challenges
-Experiential, interactive exercises
-Yoga, Meditation: stretching and relaxation exercises
-Sudarshan Kriya, a unique breathing technique

Some of the benefits course graduates mention:

- Improved efficiency and productivity at work and at home
-Clearer perception, expression and observation
-Enhanced health and sense of well-being
-Reduced Stress
-Greater self-esteem
-More energy and enthusiasm
-Improved interpersonal skills
-Anti-aging or rejuvenating effect


Contact Details

Name: Latha Ramkisson
Cell: 083 778 5004

Embizweni Conference Centre
20 Gainsborough Drive
Durban Old Boys Club
Athlone, Durban North