Metamorphosis with Jean Magnus
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Metamorphosis with Jean Magnus

Metamorphosis SA with Jean Magnus
Metamorphosis SA - healing blocks in the BodyBlocks in the flow of consciousness express themselves in the conditions of imbalance in the body and mind resulting in illness and psychological disease. Blocks also keep us forever trapped in times linked with the experience of unhealed pain.

Metamorphosis does not treat symptoms but works deeply to reach the heart of the issue and calls on each person’s innate healing power to right imbalances on every level.

In this regard we challenge existing healing paradigms and yet provide an extremely self-empowering practical system of healing. One of the primary principles of Metamorphosis is healing from the inside out. If we treat troubles from the inside out, we focus on the underlying patterns causing the array of symptoms we all experience, which means that the healing and changes that take place are permanent, and that our lives change with little effort.

Benefits of Metamorphosis

The Benefits of Metamorphosis Include:

Emotional and Behavioural Problems
Down Syndrome

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Jean Magnus | 072 232 7830

Claudine Shaerer | 082 871 9841

Quinne Brown Huffman | 063 127 2092

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