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I have Bipolar, Bipolar isn’t Me

This is my personal Biography of my experiences with depression and Mania after being diagnosed with bipolar type II. It is the hopelessness and desperation of living with this illness, from thinking of death by suicide to finding a way of healing. I wrote this book in the hope of helping other bipolar sufferers to know that they can become partners in maintaining and restoring their health.
I personally autographed all copies.

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I offer the following Treatments:

Body Cleanse

A Detox is good for the body, mind and soul. Experience the benefits of energy renewal and revitalization.
This process provides you with an easy and relaxing way to rid your body of toxins without participating in a healing crisis, relying on simple scientific principles to achieve excellent results. It detoxifies the whole body more effectively and faster than any herbal or fasting protocol and without the usual stress and anxiety. Claim back your health today.
Chakra Clearing As I understand it, the body consists of chakras - or energy centres, which oscillate. In addition, can heal us in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves. If a person has dysfunctions in any area, you can identify which chakra is spinning too fast, as then the chakra is too open. If a chakra is blocked, the chakra will hardly spin. If it is balanced, then it remains in equilibrium.

Bipolar & Depression Treatment

Because of suffering with Bipolar for so long I have made it my duty to find ways and assist people in coping mechanisms for depression. My studies include ways to see that people are suffering, treatments, food, exercise, and healthy ways of putting a person back on the road to recovery. I belief is to encourage people to become involved in their own healing. Allowing them a better quality life.

Indian head massage

Indian head massage consists of two legs. Technique and therapeutic oil. Oils such as olive, sesame and coconut and other exotic oils such as Amla, Channeli, Mogra and Malis are massaged into head, face, shoulders and arms and help restore memory and erases mental and emotional stress. It is recommended for headaches, migraines, insomnia, tinnitus, vertigo and depression. The combination of the massage as well as the healing properties of the oils makes for a healing treatment.


It is an energy exchange treatment. The Unique Path to emotional Healing and personal growth, thoughts and emotions constantly create imprints on the soles of the feet. Feet are a miniature of the whole body and by treating the feet one can maintain great health. A Footologist will assist in guiding a client in interpreting features of the feet and use the information gained to help the person release often long forgotten emotional blockages and therefore promoting Health and Personal Growth. Features are identified in the various chakra areas and a massage encourages relaxation and healing.

Metaphysical Life Coaching

To have a balanced life one needs to create a balance of all areas of one’s life. Should an imbalance occur one has to find a way to rebalance in order to enjoy a all rounded life. Areas that need to be examined are the following: Relationships, Rest and Recreation, Career, Finances, Health, Spirituality, Intellect/mind, Family/ Relationships, Social Responsibility. A client would be guide through ways to improve their life and achieve balance.

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