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Jan de Vries

Jan de Vries - KWAZULU-NATAL
10 Holstead Gardens, Berea, 4001
Tel / Fax: (031) 209 3872

The Holstead Method of Back Massage

In Stressful times like ours, nothing is more therapeutic than a relaxing massage. Research shows that massage therapy provides many important health benefits, including: improved blood circulation, muscle relaxation, improved range of motion and increased endorphin levels which keep you feeling good.

Now you can learn the art of The Holstead Method of Back Massage in this exciting workshop. This is a specific back massage routine based on techniques taught by the Kongo Raiden Zen Order of medical monks of Okinawa, with whom Jan studied in London.

This simple, easy to learn routine is designed for stress release in the whole back it is as suitable for beginners, wanting no more than to help their friends and family, as it is for the professional therapist wanting to increase their repertoire.

This workshop will cover the hands-on aspect of the Holstead Method of Back Massage and some of the following:

� Stress Carrier oils
� Muscles of the back
� Hazardous essential oils
� Aromatherapy Oils uses How to use essential oils

You will need to bring the following items to this workshop:

* 1 large bath towel
* 1 medium sized bath towel

We will provide all your other requirements.

Please wear comfortable shoes, loose clothing, e.g. tracksuits or shorts or pants and a T-shirt.

"The human body is the best portrayal of the universe in miniature.
Whatever does not exist in the human body cannot be found in the universe
and whatever exists in the universe can be found in the body". -� Mahatma Gandhi

10 Holstead Gardens, Berea, 4001
Tel / Fax: (031) 209 3872

Crystals Workshop

Crystals are Mother Earths gift to us, formed within her body, they are living energy - each is used to access specific energies, be it healing, meditation, protection and understanding among others. Mined and used for thousand of years, crystals can be seen in ancient crowns, regalia and jewellery. They are used by natural healers to help realign our energy points (chakras), help us harmonise and enhance our lives.

"The world of crystals proclaimed to me in distinct and unequivocal terms, the laws of human life.." Friederich Froebel.

This enlightening workshop is designed to give you a brief, but clear, understanding of the
following aspects of CRYSTALS and MINERALS:

� Geology
� History
� Directory - the metaphysical.
� The human energy system.
� Coloured stones.
� Quartz crystal configuration.
� Crystals - selecting and purchasing, cleansing and care-taking, basic programming, awakening crystal consciousness.

The workshop is an interactive one, with hands-on experience. A manual will be issued which is designed in part to be completed by yourself with as much or as little information as you require. Whilst a lot of information is given during this workshop, the idea is to have fun, so come along, learn and enjoy.


This Thasa accredited & certified workshop in natural/spiritual healing serves 2 purposes:

1. To serve as a comprehensive training for anyone with a sincere desire to use their inner abilities to help their fellow man.
2. To be a qualified healer.

The course is designed to turn the complete novice who has no knowledge of the subject into a competent practical healer. Amongst many other things, the course also covers the following subjects :

� Healing-what it is & what it does
� Attunement to & transmitting energy
� Systems & parts of the body
� The holistic approach
� The human energy field
� Scanning the etheric
� Unruffling the field
� Sealing the aura
� Self cleansing techniques
� The healing act
� Code of conduct
� The law an what you may/may not do
� Taking medical history
� Ethics

The course, spanning 10 Monday evenings will be taught by Jan de Vries, All manuals and requirements provided.

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Meditation & Self Awareness

Meditation is as old as humanity itself, existing in one form or another since man began to examine the forces that govern him. Research shows that meditation is extremely beneficial for everyone. It teaches you to control & reduce stress, anxiety, anger & other negative emotions.� It balances the right & the left hemispheres of the brain, improves powers of concentration & memory, gives perspective & clarity, increases spiritual strength, & enriches your life & your ability to function more effectively in a stressful world.

This ever-popular workshop has achieved international acclaim & is now in your area. This course is designed to teach you the techniques to enhance & empower your life.

It consists of a 4 day workshop, introducing the following subjects:

-Meditation & what it is -Realities & preconceived ideas -Alpha & beta brainwaves
-Physical necessities -Sleep cycles -Relaxation
-Trigger mechanisms -Visualisation -Memory aids
-Mind projection -Eliminating bad habits -Changing your self-image
-Human energy fields -Auras & chakras -Dumping your inner baggage
-Cleansing your energy field -Eliminating negative personality traits -The effects of anger
-Anger releasing -Forgiveness technique -State of your sub-conscious mind
-Pathworking -Consciousness expansion -Creation of a sanctuary
-Angels, guides, etc -Meeting your angels, guides, ect. -Symbolism
-Alternate reality experiences -Archetypes -Pathworking archetypal energies
-Pendulums -How to use pendulum cords

"If you have controlled your mind, you are the conqueror of the whole world." - Swami Siyananda

The course is & experiential one & all techniques are taught while in a alpha state of consciousness. Jan shares his methodology & techniques freely, enabling one to experience the real truth about oneself & the world around us. In order for you to discover your own truth, it must be experienced. The course is therefore transformational, as experiences cannot be denied.

Jan puts you in a position to access more of your mind & achieve more of your full potential by working with your mind & body, in the way that it was designed.

The Holstead

Simply put, the Holstead is a centre of Metaphysical learning and practice. It is the headquarters of The Healing Association of Southern Africa [THASA] and the home of the Link-up Kwa Zulu Natal newsletter. It houses full time Healers, Stress Therapists and other complementary health therapists. It has a Library and is a Venue for Healing evenings, Meditation groups and Public speakers.

It is however a lot more than that. The Holstead is an alchemical melting pot of ideas, a dynamic space for transformation, a place of spiritual comfort and growth, and a resource centre for all.