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Bonnie van Vuuren

I provide an in-depth personal reading covering all major aspects of your life:
Career, Love, Relationships, Financial, Health etc.
WE do not choose our cards, they choose us!

During our session, I touch briefly on your all important date of birth as well and provide information on the Personality type that you are. Please note, during the reading I will focus primarily on you.

If there is a partner or spouse involved I like to work out the synergy between you as a couple as this is important and relevant. It is highly informative as to how the relationship will work out.

I have had quite a few readings by Bonnie and each and every time have been totally amazed by her accurate and detailed readings. she is the most talented lady I have come across. Always professional during readings. whenever myself or a member of my family needs to get clarity on stuff happening in our lives, Bonnie is the answer. What a fabulously talented lady...
- Hester (Cape Town, SA)

Bonnie is not only my friend but the person I turn to when I need a reading or counseling. A reading with Bonnie is not one of those "run of the mill" readings. Bonnie offers Tarot readings, Birth codes and Bonnie has also been blessed with the gift of channeling Spirit plus a touch of counseling thrown in for good measure. I highly recommend a reading with Bonnie, whether you are at a crossroads, need an answer to a question or need direction. Go to Bonnie for a reading. You will get the truth and the answer you seek.
- Allison (Cape Town, SA)

I have had dealings with Bonnie for the past 13 years and know her to be an incredibly gifted Numerologist, insightful Tarot card reader and a caring and compassionate channel for messages from the Other side of the veil. She pulls no punches, yet offers refreshingly honest to the point and accurate guidance to those in need of advice. Bonnie walks her talk, lives her integrity and is more often than not able to get to the root of the issue quickly and efficiently shedding light on situations where there has previously only been darkness. I have referred many clients to her who have asked questions that I am unable to answer and trust her implicitly. Truly Bonnie is one of those rare individuals who come along once in a lifetime.
- Mark Cook - Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Healer, Numerologist and Psychic Counselor. (Johannesburg, SA)

Bonnie has read for me for some years now and recently began channeling my beautiful daddy with lovely uplifting messages. I trust Bonnies upfront no nonsense approach. She is an empath and completely identifies with my situation. I value her input, especially when I am needing to make life changing decisions and am confused in a situation. Her direction has always been spot on and her counseling invaluable. She is a treasure and has helped me incredibly so many times I cannot begin to tell you. I can always rely on her to tell it like it is.
- Tania Ribeiro Mitchley - Psychic Medium. (Marbella, Spain)

I had my first reading with Bonnie in about 2010 sometime. She was extremely friendly kind and nurturing over the phone but more importantly accurate and detailed regarding the details of my session. I go back to her periodically for further readings and life advice as I trust her implicitly. She recently did some channeling for me and the results reduced me to tears (in a good way) as my late husband and my precious kitty came through with messages for me. Bonnie is an amazing woman in so many ways. She is to the point which I truly appreciate but she is nurturing and kind at the same time. I would not hesitate to refer family and friends to her. She is fantastic at what she does.
- Natasha (Durban, SA)

For anyone who is seeking guidance I thoroughly recommend Bonnie Van Vuuren. I have known Bonnie since 2003 and with her love and incredible insight she has guided me so many times towards the right decisions. I would have been totally lost and would have given up if it had not been for this wonderful lady. She is known for her accuracy and she is very dedicated and passionate in what she does. Once again if anybody needs guidance, Bonnie is fully qualified to help them.
- Mary Blom (Cape Town SA)

I met Bonnie while she was living in Qatar. She was referred to me by a mutual friend. I had been having a lot of problems in many aspects of my life at that time I wanted to see if she could help me with it. Being a local Qatari & having lived outside most of my life, I had been having a very hard time dealing with adjusting. I remember when I first met Bonnie, how comfortable I felt around her. She has such good energy and that transferred to me every time I would meet with her. She is such a lovely person who is non- judgemental & very easy to talk to. I felt that she has helped me a lot with her work through those tough times. Her Tarot readings & birthcode readings are very good and helpful. Bonnie also takes the time to listen & understand who she is working with & these are just some of the things that are so great about her. Her advice is genuine & Im lucky to have met her & have her as a friend. Sometimes life allows you to meet special people who will help you & Bonnie is one of them for me. I know she will always be there for me, near or far.
- Reem Al-Wohaibi (Doha, Qatar)

Readings can be done for any-one anywhere in the country or world-wide
via skype, cellphone or whatsapp.

Bonnie Van Vuuren

Cell: 082 733 9521

Email: vanvuurenbonnie@gmail.com

Website: www.bonnievanvuuren.com