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Nirvana Spirit Promotions

* Promoting, Consulting, Connecting & Networking, Holistic Spiritual Wellbeing
* Organizing & Managing of Workshops, Events & Festivals
* Arranging of Venue Hire & All Equipment * Catering and catering supplies
* Products & Projects * Public Talks & Films
Mobile: 0825693567 - Fax 086 591 2680 - Email:

I have over 23 years of extensive and varied experience in the field of:
Event Management, Marketing, P.R. & Sales.

I am also available for long term contract work to assist in events, marketing and promoting, sales or office assistance.
Every project will be viewed individually and workable arrangements will be suggested in initial consultation.

Antonet-Nirvana Lange brings a wealth of experience from grappling with life. Through her own difficulties, she has both a wide knowledge and empathy with people. This platform gives her the ability to give a different and deeper perspective to these courses, her clients and the Media at large, as well as adding a balanced viewpoint.

Antonet is an enthusiastic and attractive personality, who tackles any project with both zest and sincerity and brings her own special insights to everything she takes on. This particular field, is one that lies very close to her heart.

Through Antonets ongoing journey for healing, she has participated in different types of healing methods, including conventional. The process of working in groups has provided, for her, significant insights.