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Allison Scotts interview with Body and Mind

LISTEN - Allison Scott

Allison specialises in life transformation techniques. She believes in tapping into the body’s innate wisdom to locate and reprogram patterns that may be undermining or sabotaging our ability and efforts to achieve our full potential. Sounds really interesting!!

Amber Moon with Diane Ribiero  Interview LISTEN - Diane Ribeiro

A Reiki Master & Teacher, Diane studied Psychic Development, Mediumship & Angel Therapy at Angelways Spiritual School in Cape Town and is now a Qualified & Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner & Angel Tarot Card Reader.
LISTEN - Jean Magnus

Jean is the founding member of Metamorphosis SA and bought this healing modality in the country more than 20 years ago.Metamorphosis does not treat symptoms but works deeply to reach the heart of the issue and calls on each person’s innate healing power to right imbalances on every level. Enjoy!
Dharmagiri Insight Meditation Center Interview LISTEN - Dharmagiri Insight Meditation Centre

Body and Mind welcomes Chandasara of Dharmagiri Insight Meditation Centre. Dharmagiri is situated at the Lesotho border and hosts meditation retreats and educational courses. Dharmagiri also supports outreach in its local rural community.
Interview with Diana Smith on hte Hidden Mind Sound Protocol LISTEN - Diana Smith

Sound frequencies can dramatically improve healing rates and restore homeostasis and balance. Sound frequencies have been used for decades by different practitioners around the world to improve neural development and this is what we are talking about here. Enjoy!
Interview with Richard Higgins Family Constellations LISTEN - Richard Higgins

Richard Higgins has trained in Family Constellations and Systems Theory in Germany, Austria and South Africa, with Bert Hellinger and many other international facilitators. Richard explains the phenomena of Family Constellations as a healing tool.
Animal Communication Tammy De Oliveira LISTEN - Tammy De Oliveira

Tammy run a business called Animal Eyes Telepathic Communication and Healing. Tammy’s love for animals has lead her down to this journey to bridge the divide between humans and animals. This is what this interview is all about.
LISTEN - Yasmin Lambat

As the brainchild to Yasmin Lambat, Body Sensing is a super gentle, mindful movement practice for pain relief, stress release, better posture and wellbeing. In this interview, we talk about the Mind-Body connection and fascia. Enjoy!
Heather Anne Bender Interview with Body and Mind LISTEN - Heather-Anne Bender

Psychic Medium, Life Coach, Pranic Energy Healing Practitioner and Sound Therapist, Heather-Anne Bender consults from The Princes Sanctuary in Benoni. In this interview, Heather tells us about life coaching, and the difference between psychic and mediumship.
Michelle Leske LISTEN - Michelle Leske

Michelle runs a Holistic Healing Practice called Metamorphosis, specializing in Kahuna Massage, Aura Healing, Reiki, Bach Flower Remedies and Numerology. But today, we will chat about the wonderful pilgrimages to Egypt that Michelle takes groups of people on.
LISTEN - Prof. Celene Bernstein

With a B.A. degree in remedial teaching, Celene has taught mentally challenged children for many years. She soon realised the great urgency to change the eating patterns of these children. Years later she was awarded professorship in an honourary capacity by the Life Science Institute because of a thesis she wrote on "How the body acts on the food we eat" in 1994.
Leona and Zaritha LISTEN - Zaritha Van Wyngaardt

Zaritha has partnered with Leona of Select Incentive Group Travel in a joint adventure to create something new in the holistic field. Leona and Zaritha are using travel as a platform where like-minded individuals are grouped together to tap into their self-development & self-realisation while the logistics & detail are taken care of to the T.
LISTEN - Yolandi Boshoff

Yolandi completed the Reiki Masters and the Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner courses with Andrea Hess who is based in the United States. Today, we will talk about the Akashic records.
Ramesh Ramkumar LISTEN - Ramesh Ramkumar

Ramesh is passionate about helping people grow younger and live longer; disease, misery and medicine free. He is the Author of an international bestseller called "Being Human" and at his centre you will experience and learn how to look after the body, how to eat correctly and enhance your self-awareness.
Retha Nel LISTEN - Retha Nel

What else is possible that weve not even considered? I just love this question! Retha is based Secunda, Mpumalanga from where she teaches and practices Reiki, specialised attunement packages, and travels all over South Africa facilitating Access Consciousness The Bars and Body Process classes to clients of all ages.
Jenny Hart LISTEN - Jenny Hart

Jenny Hart is an Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher.
She is qualified as a Theta-healer Practitioner and Instructor,
Usui Reiki, The Reconnection, Pin codes, Mentoring and life coaching. In this interview, we discuss Theta-healing in depth.
Shirley Haigh Golden Light Meditation Centre LISTEN - Shirley Haigh

Based in Durban, Golden Light Meditation Centre offers Meditation circles, holistic healing and spiritual growth. In this interview Shirley explains her vision and offers this centre as a welcome home for regular meditators, holistic healers and presenters who are passionate about spiritual development and health.
Thamini Naidoo Hanako Wellness LISTEN - Thamini Naidoo

Your well-being in your personal life as well as at work is Hanakos concern! They constantly strive to bring you only the best and most effective options possible. Often, more than one type of therapy or a combination of therapies is necessary to help improve ones quality of life.
Su Thomas LISTEN - Susanne Thomas

TRE is a simple set of movements that turn on our bodys natural rebalancing process, providing an immediate experience of relaxation. By releasing everything from everyday stress to deeply held physical tension and trauma, TRE frees us up to meet lifes challenges with greater skill and ease.
Haley Ritzlmayr TRE LISTEN - Haley Ritzlmayr

After incurring a back injury 24 years ago, Hayley started a journey of self-awareness and physical healing. She attended the first TRE training in South Africa in 2010 with Dr David Berceli and within 8 sessions her back pain disappeared. Today, we will chat to Hayley about this fabulous healing technique.
Jessica Sohanpal Game of Gifts LISTEN - Jessica Sohanpal

After her training as a talent-coach in 2004, Jessica Sohanpal dramatically overhauled her work as a lawyer and private life and began to follow her heart. She always had a deeper interest in the inner human being. Why do we act the way we do? Here is an introduction to The Game of Gifts
Lara Park Interview LISTEN - Lara Park.

What primarily distinguishes holistic healing apart from alternative medicine, complementary medicine, and integrative medicine is that physical health is not necessarily the main focus. Lara Park speaks to us about Reiki, spiritual healing and the other modalities she offers.
Linda Clarke Interview LISTEN - Linda Clarke.

Utilizing the modalities of hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), life-coaching, Antennea Massage Therapy and Imago counselling processes, Linda helps her clients to become the best that they can be. Welcome Linda.
Bridget Edwards Interview LISTEN - Bridget Edwards

Bridget says that we should not carry burdens alone. Listen to this inspiring interview on a life story involving major trauma, which has resulted in an ability to deal with, and manage stress.
John Dutton Interview LISTEN - John Dutton from SAMHA
South African Modern Hypnotherapy Academy

In this interview, John removes the taboo stigma attached to hypnotherapy and discusses its benefits across a broad spectrum of health conditions. John has treated those with physical illnesses, as well as mental illness and instability. On a more personal note, John tells us about his work helping poor communities in the rural areas of SA, his work helping children, and his work abroad.
Deborah Nicholls Interview LISTEN - Deborah Nicholls is an educator/teacher of Anti-Aging Exercises - Timeless Fitness for longevity of your body and mind. The Ageless Grace exercise methodology sparked her real passion for the wellness of the body and brain. This is an exercise alternative that activates both the body and the mind. Joanne Moss Interview LISTEN - Joanne Moss - a true survivor.

Shares her journey to wellness and her dream to pay it forward! She takes us through the modalities that she uses in her healing and coaching practice, including Reiki, Therapeutic Reflexology and Wellness Coaching using HNLP. Through her wellness workshops, she has worked with hundreds of men of women of all ages and walks of life for over 10 years.
Louis Franco Interview LISTEN - Louis Franco

Life-changing experiences are exactly that - life changing! Louis talks about the profound energy of love - giving love a new perspective. Louis also talks about a sense of knowing which is the attunement to the soul at a deeper level. Listen to Louis story and let him inspire your evolution.
Marietta Hindy Interview

LISTEN - Marietta Hindy: Local and world renowned Hypnotherapist.
Marietta shares the power of hypnotherapy and how it works with the conscious and subconscious minds and how her techniques work with sicknesses, goal setting and counseling. Marietta is passionate about her work and teaches and speaks worldwide and is doing amazing work in Africa. Her message is simply - I teach people how to live !

LISTEN - Brett Austin
Here is an inspiring interview with Brett Austin on his book "To All the People of the World." Bretts remarkable story detailing his life from being unhealthy, toxic and full of drugs to a life of holistic health, miraculous weight loss and divine spiritual growth. Listen to this 10 minute inspiration if you are looking to change your life as well!
Sally Longden Interview LISTEN - Sally Longden is an international speaker,
who travels the world talking natural hormone balance.
She also runs Quantum Healing retreats in South Africa. A formidable over 25 years conqueror of cancer, Sally shares what cancer has taught her and how important progesterone therapy is in preventing secondary cancers.
Samanth Davis Interview LISTEN - Samantha Davis

In this interview, Samantha explains how Art Therapy can be used for healing and self discovery. Sam is an Internationally trained Art Psychotherapist living in the Western Cape. Art Therapy is an intriguing topic, but there is no formal training Art Therapy Training in South Africa at the Moment. This fun 10-minute discussion is jam packed with info for your perusal. Listen and enjoy!
Christine Hardy Interview LISTEN - Christine Hardy is a Life Alignment Practitioner & Teacher
Christine Hardy is a Life Alignment Practitioner and Teacher in South Africa, who prides herself on the fact that she has also trained 2 Medical Doctors. Christine also teaches and consults in Mauritius, Saudi Arabia and Australia.
Carol de Vasconcelos Interview LISTEN - Carol de Vasconcelos

Body and Mind had the privilege of interviewing Carol about the Diana Cooper School of Angels. In this interview, Carol tells us about the school and what can learnt. She also explains how easy it is to invite the angels into our lives. Our angels bring miracles each day and really help to make our lives so simple.
Fiona Almeleh Interview

LISTEN - Fiona Almeleh: an Empath, Intuitive Artist and Writer.

In this interview, Fiona takes us on a journey of the heart through her offerings of Meditation, Art and Empathic Insight.

LISTEN - Dominic Haarhoff

Dominic Rex Haarhoff is a very interesting individual. In this interview, Dominic tells us about his exciting journey to enlightenment and how he has developed to become an energy healer. Dominic explains the process of the energy work he does and offers non-judgmental support to all those who seek his guidance. Listen and enjoy!
Patrick Holford Interview


Patrick Holford Tour to South Africa Patrick Holford, globally acclaimed nutritional expert, presented his latest book Good Medicine at a series of workshops in South Africa 2014

To book go to -

Vassoulla Georgiou Interview

LISTEN - Vassoulla Georgiou

Recorded from Canterbury, England, Vassoulla Georgiou talks to us about moon energy in astrology. Vassoulla has extensive knowledge on moon astrology and describes the importance of using this energy for healing in ones daily life. Vassoulla also explains how this energy can be tapped into. For interesting listening, follow the link.
Lorraine Burne Interview

LISTEN - Lorraine Burne

As an authorised Casa Guide to John of God, Lorraine Burne tells us about her beautiful journey to Brazil and how this changed her life completely. Lorraine now arranges guided trips to Brazil for groups of people to meet John of God. This trip should be on everyones bucket list! The healing works on many levels, from physical to spiritual. In this interview, Lorraine tells us more about this trip.
Chaturi Ma Interview

LISTEN - Chaturi Ma - Balance Within

Chaturi Ma shares how she received her spiritual name from the Divine Mother, who influences and guides all her work and she takes us through the modalities she practices, which include Chakra balancing, Readings and her Therapeutic Foot Massage and she concludes with a snippet of her singing voice from the CD she is currently in the process of producing.
Claudia Slattery Interview

LISTEN - Claudia Slattery a Natural Fertility Specialist

Claudia educates women on the pros and cons of all the methods around on birth control and falling pregnant and also assists with reproductive health issues and how to address them all the natural way!

Marcelle Southey Interview

LISTEN - Mammogram or Thermoscan by Marcelle Southey

Marcelle Southey, a certified Thermographic Technician, shares how Thermography can easily and uninvasively identify asymetric imbalances in the body and clearly explains the difference between a Mammogram and a Thermogram.
Tracy White Interview

LISTEN - Tracy White - Healer and Teacher

Tracy White wears 3 very different hats, but they all have the same intention, which is to heal. She is teacher of Reiki and her own form of healing, Body Balance Activation. In addition, she analyses hands through Chirology and she also paints the most beautiful portraits of pets that have passed, to aid the grieving process.
Debra Stevens Interview LISTEN - Debra Stevens of Energencia

Debra shares the spiritual adventure of consciousness through Reiki and integrated holistic healing and how Energencia will bring this home online and through more campuses in KZN
John Smith Interview LISTEN - John Smith - Addiction Recovery Specialist
John shares his unconventional methodologies by using the coaching approach. His intervention processes and how he manifests a shift towards a lifestyle of recovery are the basis of the work he does.
Sarita Mathur Interview LISTEN - Sarita Mathur - Reiki Master and Author
Sarita Mathur shares her victory in overcoming a health issue, which propelled her to do this work with love.She shares her acronym M.O.N.E.Y" and talks us through her published book, which is written in prose and poetry. She tells us about her selection of CDs and her upcoming Poetry Workshops.
Margi McAlpine Interview LISTEN - Margi McAlpine- Spiritual Workshop Facilitator, Principal and Founder of The Angel Connection School of Africa, Angel Card Reader, and much more. Margi McAlpine from Knysna is lighting up Africa with her passion for Angels! Angels are the one thing we all have in common. A unifying factor, that binds us all together. Margi recommends that we make angels part of our every day life!
LISTEN - Debbie Howes from Johannesburg heals with fire !
Also known as the Dancing Psychologist, Debbie incorporates her gift of dance into her healing with fire and she shares her uniqueness of how she incorporates the ancient wisdom of childrens stories in her hypnotherapeutic technique, using the story of Little Riding Hood.
Wayne Farrell Interview

LISTEN - Wayne Farrell - NLP Coach

Our mission is to be the best training provider we can be by the results our students achieve" says Wayne Farrell from Coaching NLP. Wayne works between the UK and South Africa and shares all his many NLP training techniques, which he utilizes successfully within his own coaching practice.
Diane Cooper Interview LISTEN - Diana cooper toured South Africa 2014 and hosted a series of Workshops and Breakfasts in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. The Diana Cooper School of Angels, Ascension, Golden Atlantis, Transform Your Life and Mysteries of the Universe.
Samantha Lewis Interview LISTEN - Samantha Lewis wears many hats!
She shares the modalities she practices -
In this interview, Samantha shares the intricacies of her work, from massages and inspirations, to Life Coaching and teaching. This lady of many talents even works with the esteemed Access Consciousness technique and regression therapy. Listen to this inspiring lady tell us about her many gifts.
Dr Juanita Ferreira Interview Dr Juanita Ferreira: Homeopath, Flordis South Africa

LISTEN - KeenMind - Product Discussion
The natural product KeenMind improves memory and recall, clear thinking, concentration, focus and mental calmness. KeenMind may also assist learning in hyperactive children and it is totally safe for children to take. She takes us through the possible side effects and the clinical research studies past, present and future.

LISTEN - Iberogast - Product Discussion
Iberogast can be used for IBS - Irritable bowel syndrome and Functional Dispepsia commonly known as indigestion. How it can safely be used for children and in combination with other prescription drugs. She also takes us through the clinical research studies past, present and future.

LISTEN - Remotiv - Product Discussion
Remotiv is indicated for the treatment of anxiety and mild to moderate depression. Dr Juanita Ferreira discusses why this extract of hypericum perforatum (St Johns Wort) is of premium quality, and what the benefits are over its synthetic competitors.

LISTEN - Premular - Product Discussion
Premular is a herbal preparation, clinically tested and proven to relieve the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Dr. Juanita Ferreira discusses how Premular is able to do this, as well as why it is an advantageous treatment option long term.

LISTEN - Femular - Product Discussion
Juanita discusses the product Femular, a clinically proven product that may assist in the relief of menopausal symptoms. She shares how it differs from other treatments, which may have health concerns due to their oestrogenic action. The fact that Femular does not exert a direct oestrogenic effect, renders it well tolerated, with no report of serious adverse effects and no association with liver problems.
Deon Jurgen Interview

LISTEN - Deon Jurgen, Pharmacist and MD of Flordis South Africa

Tells us about his company and the phenomenal growth it is achieving worldwide. He tells us exactly what natural medicine is and how to choose a product that is clinically proven. He confirmed that more and more people are embracing the world wide trend of  taking a holistic approach to health conditions and choosing to use natural alternatives, as opposed to allopathic medicines, which often have dangerous side-effect profiles and are potential causes of long-term adverse reactions.