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Healing Across Time - Part One

Eighty five percent of people are able to experience past life regression. The more sessions they have the easier it becomes, although most people have amazing experiences in one regression. Accessing this exciting and mystical realm can enrich your life in so many ways.

Healing Across Time - Part Two

Emotional Healing: If you have fears or phobias you cannot explain, attraction or aversion to certain people or places, chances are that you have brought these in from a past life. Again just by reliving the experience, it is often enough to release the fear or heal the phobia or relationship.

Healing Across Time - Part Three

The fascinating aspect of the spiritual regression is that this is our state of 'pure soul' or higher self. This is where you can meet your guides and explore who is in your soul group (your soul mates). This is also where we explore the life planning of your present life time now.e