Heal Your Life with Ashika Singh
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Biography for Heal Your Life with Ashika Singh

Strategic Interventionist - Life Architect - Inspirational Speaker - Trainer - Upcoming Author.

Ashika is convinced that we as human beings have an emotional connection to life from our time in the womb till the tomb. We adopt our unique model of the world by the way we filter emotions, thoughts and experiences throughout our lives. These filtered emotions and thoughts create the results in our lives. If we want to change an outcome, we have to become aware of what our thoughts and emotions dictate and thus create.

 She is inspired into action by her deep fiery passion to co-create wholeness within individuals on levels of the body, mind, emotion and Spirit. With Ashika you are guaranteed to increase your awareness and achieve powerful results in your personal wellness, well-being; living an inspired life and creating positive outcomes in every area of your life. A well known person in the wellness field; she specializes in the metaphysical approach to self-healing and self-empowerment for over the 15years.

She feels it a  privilege to serve her community with all she has personally experienced and learnt; facilitating skills that assist in dissolving emotional barriers,  restoring health, and re-building relationships with self and others.  Her major expertise lies in all relationships, a passionate intervention coach that aims to guide families and loved ones in dissolving conflicts, and restoring peace.  Dating and married couples benefit from learning about how to merge their lives, build strong foundations and how to understand and manage conflicts patterns and building a healthy function as a unit.

In addition to her evident passion and inspiring attitude for humanity, her thirst for knowledge keeps her in the classrooms of life,  a masters graduate in Metaphysics, (MMsc) she is currently busy with a Phd in Metaphysical Psychology and Philosophy. Her teachers include Global masters Tony Robbins, Louise Hay, Debbie Ford, Bob Proctor.

Ashika holds an exclusive license with Louise Hays Hay house USA as the Principle Trainer for the Louise Hay Courses in South Africa.

Find out more about Ashika Singh and her global initiative for non-profit projects at www.ashikasingh.guru