Divine Space
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Biography for Divine Space

PENNI is an inspirational speaker and teacher and has an amazing understanding of colour and its benefits on the human psyche as well how it can affect us physically and emotionally. She runs regular Colour Therapy courses and workshops, to help people learn how to heal and balance themselves or is able to train you to become a colour therapist. She travels internationally to share her work and has therapists in many different countries (see therapists section for list of therapists in your area). She has done motivational talks and mini workshops in the corporate arena, helping people to understand how they can use colour to enhance their lives. Some of the companies are: Hollard Insurance, Investec Bank, Radio Highveld, SA Breweries, BMW and The Quantam Alliance centre. She is the founder of Antaneea Technique, a body work system incorporating colour, crystals, sound and symbols. She also makes her own range of products to support her work. She travels internationally to share her work, and has therapists in many different countries (see Therapist section for contact details).

She has been on many South African radio and television shows such as: 3 Talk, Spirit Sundae, Blou Druk, 702 and Radio 2000.