Kinesiology in Durban with Chrisna Ashforth
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Biography for Kinesiology in Durban with Chrisna Ashforth

I started my spiritual journey when my son was diagnosed with ADD. After two years I realised that Ritalin was doing more damage than good. It wasnt an easy journey, but I persevered. I did every course under the sun and read every possible book. I am now qualified as a Reiki Master, Body Spin Facilitator, Mind Coach, More to Life Facilitator, an International Kundalini Yoga Instructor and a Kinesiology Practitioner. After I finished my teachers training degree at the University of Pretoria, I moved to Durban. Yoga changed my life the way I see and perceive people and life in general. Each day I am completely amazed at the power of Kinesiology and how accurate it is in helping to fix problems that the body experiences. It has brought another great change to my life and I wish to share it with everyone I meet. i can honestly say the results that i get is so profound and long lasting. to see the difference in peoples behavior and the way the body knows best what to do. Kinesiology is been used since 1940 and the 1960 Olympic team of USA used the expertise of a kinesiologist. I specialized in children with learning difficulties and to see how they respond is amazing!!!