Ageless Grace with Deborah Nicholls
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Testimonials for Ageless Grace with Deborah Nicholls

LYN WATSON - OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST (Retired) Ageless Grace has been a very good program for me on two levels! Firstly as an Occupational Therapist (retired) I can appreciate the science behind it. What a great way to loosen every joint and strengthen the core while stimulating neural pathways that actually prevent many of the effects of aging! I believe in the validity of every tool which aims at total wellbeing with a diversity of exercises to maintain interest. In particular combining imagery and problem solving with movement, stimulates the right and the left brain and is the closest thing I know to promoting adult sensory integration! For me personally this is a fun opportunity to address my own weaknesses and retain aerobic fitness. So much more interesting than gym!... keeping a weekly schedule and supplementing with my own home program is achievable. I have noticed improved balance and coordination...important for me to avoid tripping!...and while my husband has his Sudoko and Bridge for mental fitness. I am doing it my way with Ageless Grace. Thank You!! Lyn

After an Ageless Grace class, my whole day goes better, I feel emotionally uplifted and energized, achieving far more in my day than I had planned. Heres to many years of keeping mentally fit and alive. (Nathalie)

I would just like to say how great your Ageless Lessons are for me. What I enjoy most is that the lessons are always different and fun & not the same old, same old like other exercises. This keeps it interesting. You are most pleasant, vivacious, happy, joyful, beautiful & much fun! (Truus)

Debbie is a lovely person, very spontaneous, caring ,funky ,always makes you feel at home. I was listening to Cape Talk about Ageless Grace, interesting , this I must try out. I have been to classes for 3 months now at Sea Point - the exercises has benefited me so much. I was stiff, but now I move baby, all over my joints are more flexible. Enjoy the laughs we have with music as we sing and exercise at our own pace. (Alewieyah)

Ageless Grace is a great way of exercising, most enjoyable, fun and a lovely experience. I have become more flexible and aware of my bodys abilities and the lesser used muscles. Deborah, our teacher, has a lovely, inspirational personality and has lots of spunk which adds to the enjoyment of the classes. Thank you for introducing Ageless Grace to us. (Hanna)