Angel Connection School with Margi McAlpine
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Testimonials for Angel Connection School with Margi McAlpine

"I have been so blessed to be able to attend this course! You truly are a wonderful Divine Being and a great beacon of Love and Light. I have never attended a training course where I have had so much unconditional love and guidance. Your love, caring and integrity has moved mountains for me! I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to focus on my own growth in your inspiring and serene environment. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, love and committment with us. It was a privilege to have a teacher such as you! "  LW

"Thank you for the most amazing and profound two weeks. I learnt so much and had so many good laughs too! I enjoyed the professional manner in which the workshops were presented and all the effort you put in allowing us to experience everything. You shared all your knowledge never holding anything back. Thank you! I salute you!"KC

"Thank you so much for your newsletter. It gave me such a lift - just what I needed! I am so impressed by all that you do and all that you manage to arrange and organise for others. You exude so much energy and so much Spiritual comfort, compassion and encouragement. You have been such a force and positive influence in my life and I shall always feel so privileged to have shared so much of Spirit with you." ED

"Once in a while we humans are blessed with the opportunity to meet, encounter or deal with an amazing human being. You are one of those people. I am blessed and fortunate to know you. Your kindness, understanding and tolerance is my yardstick to becoming a better person!"AM

"I appreciate the reading you gave me this morning. It was full of messages which I so much needed! I find it hard to put into words what a positive outcome your reading has had for me! "SB

"I recently had the great pleasure of having an Angel Card Reading with Margi McAlpine. I can honestly say that it was a wonderful experience! I found Margi to be very professional, articulate, compassionate and very understanding. She has fantastic listening skills and this combined with her great empathy attributes made the whole experience truly magical! There was no rush and everything and every question was dealt with in a calm and understanding manner. It certainly was the very best reading I have every had! I cannot recommend Margi McAlpine enough and encourage you all to avail yourself of that wonderful experience at your earliest convenience!"DL

"Thank you for inspiration when we are down, hope to never give up and unconditional love and kindness from a beautiful soul! Thank you for your Angel Readings every day on FB! You give so much to so many and make such a difference in our lives everyday!! "BT

"I find it inspiring that no matter what happens in your life you always motivate and inspire others! You are one of the most amazing people I have met and a true inspiration to all around you. You have given me far more than tools, you have taught me to believe in myself again! A rare and unique person you are!"HC

"Your writing is filled with much beauty, love and clarity. Truly a gift to read and absorb. Thank you or always sharing your light and being such a special teacher. You personify what you teach adn are indeed one of Gods Earth Angels. " JR

"Many thanks for a wonderful reading. It was the first reading I have had where I did not feel one ounce of pressure and where every answer made complete sense! You have such a beautiful energy around you and such a wonderful reassuring soft and distinct voice." KG