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Category: Soul Therapy

Life Skills Coach

Do you suffer from: Anger, Frustration, Depression & Anxiety?Do you feel unfulfilled and stuck?A life skills coach is a trained para-professional who is able to facilitate groups, model and assess skills, as well as support individual learning. Life skills coaches help individuals in setting clear goals, and realizing the life they want, and also encourage individuals to achieve the set goals. They coach individuals on finances, relationships, self esteem, personal fitness, relaxation, the environment, time management, nutrition, career, group work as well as individual work, effects of stress, and assertiveness, among others.

Simon Inglis


Wellness & Beauty Co

The Wellness and Beauty Co is a centre of collaboration for everyone in the Wellness & Beauty Industry. Whether you need a serviced space to see your patients / students / clients as a flexi tenant or a workshop / event space to host your next workshops, we have all the facilities you need. We are based in the peaceful Raslouw area in Centurion. We have fantastic facilities here: Yoga Studio Large lovely secure garden with lots of safe parking Furnished Treatment and Consulting Rooms Wellness café: Green Co – Collaborating with us on eating healthy with delicious fresh food, eating programs, juice detoxes etc. And soon.. A Day Spa, Hairdresser and Nail Studio! Workshops / Function and Event Space - as well as a tea garden and much more..

Wellness and Beauty Co

012 666 7067
082 340 8711

Sacred Journeys - Shamanic Retreat Centre

Sacred Journeys is a sanctuary dedicated to Mindful Living where you can nourish and rekindle your passion for life through Shamanic Teachings and Ceremonies. Let Shamanic Wisdom be your guide as you take a personal journey of healing, self-growth and effective living.

Valley of a 1000 hills
Lou & Laurel

082 571 3306

Body Talk and CFT with Lee-Ann Connolly

BodyTalk is a natural health-care system, which is designed to work with, and support, your bodies own natural ability to repair and restore itself. Craniosacral Fascial Therapy CFT - “The brain has to breathe”, and “The fascia has to be free”. ~ Dr. Barry Gillespie

Lee-Ann Connolly

079 399 3520

Mind Eye Heart Power with Michael Lewis

Imagine a space where you could go and just flip the switch. A place to release all pain and suffering, attachment and limitation. That place is your inner sanctuary. Come find out more about tools to assist you in this space. Our mission is to help you empty your mind of all the thoughts that do not serve you and help you regain your flow of energy and abundance.

Michael Lewis

081 456 1818

Barbara Johnson - Wellness Dimensions

Authentic serving comes from True-Self, honouring your Life Calling and finding your own Meaning of Life. Leadership is the competitive edge in the market place. Leadership Dimensions assists organisations to develop their most precious asset, their Leadership.

Barbara Johnson

031 716 8226
082 784 7656

Angel and Crystal Awareness

Carol is the Principal Master Teacher for the Diana Cooper School in South Africa she is training students in the following modalities: Angels, Ascension, Golden Atlantis, Unicorns, Lemuria, Keys to the Universe, Orbs and Transform Your Life with the Diana Cooper School.

Carol De Vasconcelos

011 682 2606
084 500 1478

Past Life Regression with Janet Homan

I combine my hypnotherapy, psychic and energy healing skills in providing: energy healing, past/current life regression sessions, life between lives regressions, spirit release from people, houses and work places, in order to positively affect a change within a person or place.

Janet Homan

082 871 1069

Maintaining Balance with Chaturi Ma

The name is as it suggests - a way of maintaining balance between the spiritual and the mundane within ourselves through everyday life. We are, after all, Divine Beings in a physical form. We can , in a sense, experience Heaven and walk on Earth at the same time. Chaturi Ma is also passionate about Divine Mother Guidance and Healing South Africa.

Chaturi Ma

060 768 8149

Crystal Moon Healing with Jacqueline

Crystal Moon - the home of healing and reiki. Based in Cowies Hill KZN, Jacqueline focuses on spirituality and energy healing.

Cowies Hill
Jacqueline Beresford

083 253 9634

Aurora Healing Centre

Aurora is a haven of peace and tranquillity tucked away on the lower south coast of KZN an hours drive from Durban.Our goal is to empower & support you so that you can ultimately balance yourself and live the joyful life you have always imagined for yourself.

Banana Beach

031 96846101
083 627 0529

Psychologist Dr.Diane Preddy

I am registered as a Counseling Psychologist and have been in private practice since 1987.

Dr Diane Preddy

011 803-8301

Natural Healing with Lara Park

WHAT IS HOLISTIC HEALING? - Holistic Healing is the healing of one in their entirety. That is on all levels, body, mind and soul.Holistic healing means taking an holistic approach when seeking treatment for imbalances and choosing to live a more balanced lifestyle. What primarily distinguishes holistic healing apart from alternative medicine, complementary medicine, and integrative medicine is that physical health is not necessarily the main focus.

Lara Park

083 661 6182

Dolphin Encountours Research Center

To ensure our motto for the love of dolphins is incorporated into everything we do. To create a sustainable world for marine mammals through research, education and conservation.To operate in integrity and strive towards creating a safe environment in which inter-species relationships can be explored.

Tours in Mozambique
Angie Gullen

+258 84 330-3859
+258 84 330-3859

Portal of Alchemy

Services available at the Portal of Alchemy are: Reiki with a difference, Aura cleansing and Protection, Chakra Balancing and Alignment, DNA Activation, Soul Retrieval...

Fiona van Rensburg

082 788 1413

Being Human Detox Centre

A detox centre, based in Durban, passionate about about real health, great lifestyles and cleansing. At this centre you will experience and learn how to look after the body, how to eat correctly and enhance your self awareness. Ramesh and Cheryl are caring, compassionate and truly value the importance of good health. The vision of Being Human is to eradicate disease, misery and medication dependency through education and natural treatments. Not just diseases of the body, but of mind, emotion and spirit as well. Our goal is to put the tools of transformation into the hands of everybody on the planet.

Ramesh Ramkumar

031 266 2322
083 523 8578

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